1. StreamFab Netflix supports to download 1080p video quality, buy why I can only download 540p for some videos?

Yes, we fully support to download the Netflix videos in 1080p video quality, but for some videos which released by Sony Studio, like Madame Web, due to that 540p can be played back only at Chrome browser, and you can check the resoltion by click Ctrl + Shift + Alt +D keyborad when playing the video on Netflix. It's the limition of Netflix, not StreamFab problem.

  1. Why is there no Viki Downloader option in VIP Service after installing the software?

Please uninstall the current version of StreamFab and then download and install the offline version of StreamFab at https://dvdfab.cn/mlink/download.php?g=StreamFab_x64, right-click on it to run it as administrator to see the result.

  1. How to download 4k videos from YouTube?

On YouTube, the high resolution of most videos is stored as VP9 or AV1 video codec. You need to choose VP9 codec if you want to download the 4K resolution.

  1. When login to Netflix, it says password is incorrect, what should I do?

1.Please delete the temp and log folder to see the result. 2.Do not use a VPN, or try using an IP address from the country corresponding to your Netflix account. 3.Please reset the password in the browser and then tick the option "Sign out all devices" and only leave StreamFab to try again. 4. In the Edge or Chrome browser, confirm whether you can log in normally. 5. Clear website cookie in browser to see if you can still log in.

  1. What to do when Hulu us stays at analysing?

Please log out of your hulu us account, restart the software, and log in again to your hulu us account.

  1. The videos contains no subtitle when playbacking the donwloaded videos. What should I do?

1.Please first make sure the video itself has the subtitle. 2.Please make sure you have set the subtile format into "Remux into File" in Common Settings. 3.Please make sure you have enabled the subtitle when playback the video in the player. 4.Please try another player and playback the video to see the result.

  1. Why can I only download 720p from Disney+

Now newly released videos can only be downloaded as 720p, old videos can support 1080p.

  1. Why can I only download 480p from Apple TV+?

For Apple TV Downloader, the new released videos (after 2021/11/01) will be downloaded as 480p, the videos released in the past can still be downloaded as 1080p.

  1. Why can I only download 540p from Canal+?

Due to the upgraded DRM encryption, Canal+ videos can only be downloaded in 540p quality for the time being.

  1. Why does that youtube downloader keep adding links to it? I don't need or want the youtube downloader. Is there anyway to disable it or something??
Please go to the "Settings" panel and click "General" and then uncheck the option of "Monitor clipboard content".