StreamFab is about allowing users to more conveniently enjoy the content they have access to from the streaming platforms. It's about getting past or altogether avoiding awkward situations with offline licensing, like the Netflix buggy renewal of an offline license. And it's about being able to enjoy the content you're entitled to access, that you paid for, whenever it suits you, in a true flexible manner. For example, TV streaming apps don't allow download for offline view. With our Downloader, you can put your own NAS to use, self organise you favourite shows, so that, when you want to watch, you needn't rely on the quality of the external Internet link. And you also offload the Internet link during congestion times and the distributor servers, a win-win situation.

On the other hand, it's only intended for personal use, since the license you get from the streaming platform is also personal. We never condoned piracy and any sharing needs to be limited to the household or the family which owns the account/license. StreamFab is meant to enhance the use of the content you're already entitled to use, to provide you with flexibility, to allow transcoding, resizing, filters, etc. For example, it allows you to use super cool features on the content, such as Enlarge AI, therefore obtaining a higher resolution that in many cases is available neither through the platform nor at all because the original content was never available at such quality, ie. TV content. It also allows you to enjoy the same content in locations where Internet access is poor or impossible (eg. camping, on a boat).

Please understand that whoever wants the same benefits, whoever wants to do the same cool high-resolution TV episodes as yourself, whether a friend, a coworker or someone else on the Internet, they all need to get their own streaming platform accounts and downloader license. Therefore we took one step further to help anyone who's willing to share content to think harder before deciding to do so. For our majority of users, that understand that the files are strictly for personal use, that piece of info has no importance since the files never leave their own personal storages.

However, if someone wants to share some content they should not, they have an extra explicit step towards the illegal action. Also keep in mind that streaming platforms may have taken extra steps to prevent piracy, other less obvious tracking schemes to prevent sharing, such as watermarks (remember Cinavia?). So stay safe, don't share, don't risk an account ban. After all, only you paid for the content!