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Download Crunchyroll anime videos as 1080p MP4 files with AAC 2.0 audio at high speed.

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Download Crunchyroll anime videos as 1080p MP4 files with AAC 2.0 audio at high speed.

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Why do you need StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader?

Crunchyroll episodes cannot be freely downloaded

Crunchyroll episodes cannot be freely downloaded

Download service of Crunchyroll is not for all subscribers. It is only available to Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan membership on mobile devices like Android/iOS mobile phones and Nintendo switch. Videos can only be watched offline inside the Crunchyroll app.

Not all content on Crunchyroll can be downloaded. Only three options for video quality: low, medium, and high. The downloads will expire in 7 days, and the unfinished playings will expire within 48 hours.

What can StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader do?

Download Crunchyroll videos to watch completely offline

Here is the best way for you to download episodes on Crunchyroll and watch them on your own devices. StreamFab Crunchyroll downloader lets you download any content on the Crunchyroll app no matter they are available to download officially.

Therefore, even when you do not installed the app and or not connected to network, you can freely enjoy your favorite anime episodes.

Download High Quality Videos
  • 1080p/AAC 2.0

  • MP4

  • Save Crunchyroll videos in 1080p resolution in AAC 2.0 audio track

    You can save your anime episodes in high-quality video up to 1080p resolution with this Crunchyroll downloader. You no longer need to guess unclear official standards of low, medium, and high video quality. High video resolution of your favorite anime is available by one click. It also allows you to save episodes in AAC 2.0 audio track and gives you wonderful listening experience.

    Download High Quality Videos
Flexible Settings and Options
  • Language

  • Download Subtitles

  • Batch Download

  • Download target languages for audios & subtitles

    StreamFab Crunchyroll video downloader saves audios and subtitles in your UI language by default. You can also keep the original audios and subtitles or choose another language. According to your need, you can make the change before the downloads actually start.

    Flexible Settings and Options
Keep media-server-friendly metadata info

Keep media-server-friendly metadata info

Meta data of a video includes title, cast, season, created date, etc. It can be quite useful when you have a lot of videos to be managed. It is especially true for anime, which usually has 8 episodes at least. With StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader, you can clearly see all the anime episodes catogorized by title, season or other tags. They are well organized just as you are watching them on the online Crunchyroll app!

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Feedbacks on StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader

This Crunchyroll video downloader meets nearly all my offline watching needs. It helps me a lot when I want to binge watch them on one night without waiting for loading!

Patrick / Writer

As a die-hard fan of anime shows, I almost watch them everyday. I never miss the newest anime seasons. With StreamFab Crunchyroll downloader, now I can watch as many episodes as I want without delay. This is the best I can imagine for any anime lovers.

Starry / Copywriter

StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader is exactly what I need. It can save my Crunchyroll episodes conveniently well display them in files on my device. It really helps me kill the boring time of long trip or any other meaningless waiting time.

WiKi / Editor

How to download Crunchyroll episodes using StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader?


Step 1: Select Crunchyroll downloader

Launch StreamFab and find the VIP services on the left. Tap on the Crunchyroll icon.

Step 1: Select Crunchyroll downloader

Step 2: Browse the site to search for a video

Log in to the Crunchyroll streaming site. Browse it to find the anime you want to download.

Step 2: Browse the site to search for a video

Step 3: Play and download the episode

As the episode begins, a popup window will come out for you to choose the formats. Click the Download Now button to start downloading.

Step 3: Play and download the episode

System Requirements

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • Intel i3 or above
  • 4GB of RAM or above
  • 40GB of free hard disk space or above
  • Live Internet connection required

Fair Use Policy

  • StreamFab is legal only for personal needs and it's not allowed to share the downloaded content with any third party.
    A StreamFab licensed account has a quota of 100 downloads per day, and 700 downloads per week from each supported streaming service, which is to avoid being blocked by streaming providers. Whenever some of it is used up, it will refill during the next time cycle.