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Why do you need StreamFab for Android?
  • Download streaming videos on Android devices

    Streaming movies and TV shows on smartphones and tablets on the go is not new to anybody these days. But doing this requires a reliable network connection which might be a potential problem if you are not at home.

    StreamFab for Android is the cure you’ve been longing for. This Android streaming video downloader can download streaming videos directly to Android phones and tablets. No more buffering. No more suffering.
  • Most streaming videos won’t stay there forever

    Streaming libraires on Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and others are constantly being updated. Some content on a platform may be removed forever if the licensing agreement expires and a renewal is not pursued.

    This means, the movies, TV shows, or other videos you’ve been after could one day disappear before you even know it. To make matters worse, if it’s permanent, you might not be able to find them anywhere else.
  • Download what you prefer before they are gone

    Most streaming services offer their own offline download features that make offline viewing possible, however, that feature is somehow crippled.

    · The downloaded videos usually expire after 30 days.
    · Once start watching a video, you need to finish it within 48 hours.
    · Not all videos are eligible for download, and download is only possible on mobiles.
    · The downloaded videos are not transferrable to other devices for playback.
    FYI: Offline viewing limitations of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Hulu Japan.

    With StreamFab for Android, however, you don’t have to worry about any of these limitations. The downloads will stay with you permanently, and can be transferred, unconditionally.
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What can StreamFab for Android do?
  • Download videos from major streaming services

    Streaming services are everywhere, and each of them may have something unique that entices you. No matter which platform it is, this Android streaming downloader has you covered.

    It currently can download streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Others like Disney+, Hulu, Max, and more are to be added through following updates.
  • Easily find where to stream your target movies or shows

    With so many streaming services out there, it would be difficult to know which one offers the movies and TV shows of your interest. Sometimes, a same movie or show might be available on multiple platforms. Thus, the question: how do you decide which streaming service to choose?

    This is when the StreamInfo feature in the Android version of StreamFab comes in handy. Simply with one click, you can search all the supported streaming services for the availability for your favorite titles, along with the information of audio and video quality StreamFab can download.
  • Output the downloaded videos in MP4 format

    Compatibility issues seldom happen on modern devices. But seldom does not mean never. To minimize this possibility, StreamFab for Android saves the downloaded videos in MP4 format.

    This also makes sure you can transfer the downloaded MP4 videos to play on other laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, etc., regardless of what operating system that device is running.
  • Compare all the available qualities before download

    The video qualities on streaming services vary from one to another, even for a same movie or TV show: the movie X might be available on both Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, but when it comes to the download quality, Amazon Prime Video offers 1080p, Disney+, however, only gives 720p.

    With the help of the StreamInfo feature, you can easily get the download information of a movie or TV show from all the streaming services it is available on, including video resolution, video codec, and audio quality. In other words, you can compare before instead of after the download happens.
  • Pre-select audios and subtitles of your native tongue

    The purpose of entertainment can be fully achieved only when you can comprehend what you are enjoying. In terms of movies and shows, it means you need to understand the stories told.

    This Android streaming downloader can detect your OS language, and then choose audios and subtitles accordingly, yet, still gives you extra choices to choose other languages you prefer.
  • Batch-download videos simultaneously at fast speed

    To binge-watchers, the ultimate pleasure lies in the continuous enjoyment from one episode to another. The batch-download feature in StreamFab for Android is here to make sure of that.

    On top of the lightning-fast download speed, it allows you to put all the episodes of a show, series, or multiple movies to the download task at one go, and download 5 of them concurrently.
  • Download streaming videos with the inbuilt browser

    Unlike other video downloaders which require you to copy & paste URLs, StreamFab always keeps easy-to-use and rich-in-feature both in mind, no exception to its Android equivalent.

    Especially on small screens like phones and tablets, you don’t have to constantly switch back and forth between apps. You can browse and download, all in one place — in its inbuilt browser.
  • Download metadata to help manage the video library

    It’s not an easy job to manage an ocean of MP4 videos on smartphones, tablets, even computers, unless with metadata information that helps sort and organize media files in an orderly manner.

    StreamFab for Android can also download video metadata, like title, plot, cast, poster, release date, etc., that are also compatible with media players or servers like PlayerFab, Kodi, and more.
  • Download from YouTube and 1000+ other websites

    Apart from the premium streaming OTTs, this Android streaming downloader also allows to download online videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and 1000+ other websites.

    And that’s not enough yet. It’s up to you whether you want to download those videos as MP4 videos of up to 8K quality, or as MP3 files of up to 320kbps. Watch, or listen, or even both.
  • Download YouTube playlist

    Choose to download an entire video playlist instead of choosing only one at a time.

  • Download 8K video

    Download YouTube videos with a quality of up to 8K.

  • Download audio in 320 Kbps

    Download and save YouTube videos to MP3 in 320 kbps.

  • Multi-task download

    Download up to 5 videos with a fast speed at the same time.

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How-to Guide


Download and Launch StreamFab for Android

Download, install, and launch StreamFab for Android on your Android phone or tablet.


Choose the website of your choice

On the homepage, locate and click on the website icon that you want to download videos from. You can also do this by entering the URL to the address bar of the inbuilt browser.


Play the video of your choice

Browse, select, and play the video you want to download.


Customize your output options

Choose your preferred video resolution, audios, subtitles, even how many episodes to download if it’s a TV show.


Start the download process

When everything is decided, tap on the Download Now button to start the download process.

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