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FAQ for StreamFab

  1. Why can't I download multiple videos on Netflix Downloader?

Only YouTube related websites support downloading multiple videos( up to 5 at a time).

  1. For YouTube, when receiving "Couldn't sign you in".

1.Sign to YouTube from Google Account and leave it open.

2.Open up StreamFab and try logging into YouTube again.

3.This time, it ask for password, just enter it.

  1. What's the difference between MKV(FFmpeg) and MKV(MKVToolNix)?

MKV(FFmpeg) is FFmpeg mux mkv while MKV(MKVToolNix) is MKVToolNix mux mkv.

MKVToolNix downloads a slightly smaller file with a stricter file format. Both are currently not recoded, and both are repackaged and remuxed. All are official video decryption, and the downloaded video is the same as the official server video.

  1. Why can't I download the video?

Please first make sure you can playback the video in the normal browser.

If you still have a problem, please contact us at https://www.streamfab.com/contact.htm and specify links to the videos you have problems with, and send the latest StreamFab.log for troubleshooting, the default location for log file is:


  1. Why can't Disney Plus download 1080p?

This is a known limitation on Disney+ that goes back to a change that Disney made to their PC browser delivery system, which is limited to 720p.

  1. I have StreamFab All-In-One under my account, then I purchased 3-Computer License. Why can't I use it on my other Mac computer?

StreamFab All-In-One has two versions on sale - Windows version and Mac version. Users who have ordered Windows version of the product can only use it on Windows computer and the multiple license is for the corresponding system version.

  1. How to unsubscribe the newsletter from StreamFab?

Please unsubscribe from the newsletter using the link below.


  1. When I authorize StreamFab, it says authorize failed/trial version.

1.Please confirm if you have changed the email, and please use the correct email to authorize the program.

2.Please make sure you have purchased the correct version of the product you need - Windows/Mac.

3.The password is incorrect, you may click "Forgot Password" on the authorization screen to reset the password.

  1. What should I do when StreamFab asks me to authorize it every time?

Please right-click on StreamFab to run it as administrator and try again.

  1. How to use my StreamFab license to another computer?

A Single-User License can be used to authorize the product(s) on one computer . If you no longer use StreamFab on your current computer, you can deauthorize StreamFab from the current PC and then register StreamFab on a new one.