All-New Download Engine

10x Faster Video Analysis

With the StreamFab Cloud Service, video analysis is now 10x faster than ver. 5. From browsing a video, to completing the analysis, it all happens in a blink of an eye.
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Ver. 5: 30 ~ 40s
Ver. 6: 2 ~ 5s

40% Less Download Time

With the all-new download engine, the average download time is now 40% less than ver.5. It’s already happening on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, others shall follow soon.
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Breakthrough DRM Technology

Download 1080p DRM MPD Videos

As a generic module, DRM MPD Downloader alone supports video download from 400+ websites. With the breakthrough in battling against DRM encryptions, downloading DRM MPD videos in 1080p is now a breeze in ver. 6.
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Discover Trending Movies & Shows

What’s trending on Netflix? What’s hot on Prime Video? One can easily get lost in an ocean of streaming videos. With the new Discover feature in ver. 6, it’s easier to find out the top 10 movies and TV shows on the streaming services you select.

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Auto-Login to Steaming Services

In ver. 5, logging in to a streaming service is a must before video download becomes possible. Now in ver. 6, the login is automatic, if you have already done that in your desktop browsers, like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Launch, browse, and download. Fingers crossed!
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Edge Firefox Chrome

Meet the Brand-New Aggregated Search Engine

Where can I watch the new Spider-Man movie? The brand-new Aggregated Search Engine has the answer — Name a movie or a TV show, where to watch, where to download, everything is on your fingertips, in seconds.

Compare the Available Video Quality

Despite being available on more than one platform, the streaming quality of the same movie or TV show may vary from one service to another. Our search results also list all the available video qualities, so you can choose which platform to go with.
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Three UI Skins. Your Flavor. Your Call.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The same applies to UI skins. To meet diversified personal tastes, three options are offered: Light, Dark, and the exclusive DVDFab 365. Your mode. Your mood.

Upgrade Your StreamFab

Upgrade to the all-new StreamFab 6 and download your favorite movies and TV shows now.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Introducing the All-New StreamFab for Android

Want to download movies and shows directly to your Android smartphones and tablets? Say hello to our completely-redesigned StreamFab for Android.
Three modules (YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix) are already supported, and other VIP modules will be added through the following updates.
Note: StreamFab for Android is sold separately.
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Explore More About StreamFab

As a 48-In-1 streaming video downloader suite, StreamFab makes it possible to download streaming videos from all the major premium streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, YouTube, etc., and over 1000 other video-sharing websites.

Besides all the above-mentioned new features introduced in ver. 6, it also packs tons of other features and functions, including but not limited to, ad-removing, batch-download, auto-download new episode, etc.
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