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Download any video of U-NEXT and H-NEXT in FHD 1080p quality at high speed

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Download any video of U-NEXT and H-NEXT in FHD 1080p quality at high speed

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Why do you need StreamFab?

On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

Most on-demand videos on a streaming service, including Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and many others, come and go due to the licensing agreements between the streaming service and the studios that produce them.

The movies, TV shows, and other videos will be removed if the licensing agreement is due and not renewed. What’s more, if a title is gone, no one knows for sure whether or not it will come back in the future. It could be gone forever.

How Can StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader Help You?

Download any video of U-NEXT and H-NEXT

Download any video of U-NEXT and H-NEXT

With this U-NEXT Downloader, you can now download videos and TV shows from U-NEXT streaming service with a high quality of up to 1080p. In addition, this downloader also makes it possible for you to save adult videos from H-NEXT for offline watching.

U-Next Downloader is the fastest and easiest way you can ever have to download videos from both U-NEXT and H-NEXT.

Download High Quality Videos
  • 1080p/AAC 2.0

  • MP4/MKV

  • Save videos in 1080p quality with AAC 2.0 audio

    Quality-wise, the downloaded videos from U-NEXT and H-NEXT with this downloader are in full HD 1080p, paired with AAC 2.0 audio tracks.

    So you won't notice any quality loss compared with online streaming, and you don't have to worry about your internet speed, either.

    Download High Quality Videos
Flexible Settings and Options

Pre-select the audio and subtitle language of your choosing

Given that multiple audio tracks and subtitles in various languages are usually included in a movie or TV show, this U-NEXT downloader is able to provide all available audio and subtitles in case you need them.

Under the Settings panel, select the language according to your specific needs.
download U-NEXT episodes

Download Subtitles as External SRT file or Remux as Text Subtitles

Want to save subtitles? No problem! In addition to allowing you to select the language of your subtitles, the U-NEXT video downloader also allows you to choose how to save them.

You can download and save them as SRT files, or remux them directly into your video. The choice is yours.
U-NEXT episodes offline

Batch download movies and TV shows with fast speed

The U-NEXT Downloader is able to batch download all the episodes that you want to save on your device at one time, instead of letting you manually select episodes and download them on by one.

And also, you can enjoy a fast speed downloading a movie with just 10 - 20 minutes.
U-NEXT streaming

Save metadata that is compatible with your media server

Save metadata that is compatible with your media server

The U-NEXT video downloader is also able to save all the metadata you need to organize your movies and tv series conveniently in one location, including movie title, cast, season, episode title and cover.

All the metadata info makes sure the video is compatible with your media server, like PlayerFab, Plex, Kodi, etc.

Burn downloads into Blu-ray format and enjoy cinema-like experience

Burn downloads into Blu-ray format and enjoy cinema-like experience

To those who own home theater systems, you may want to burn the downloaded videos to Blu-ray discs so as to play them on your home Blu-ray player.

This downloader can automatically import the downloaded videos to DVDFab Blu-ray Creator when the downloads complete, allowing you to burn your own Blu-rays with the latter more easily.

Download Your favorite TV Shows and Movies from U-NEXT NOW!

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Feedbacks on StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader

Wonderful U-NEXT video downloader! Now I can download my favorite animes as local MP4 files, and I can watch them as many times as I like to, without having to worry about the downloaded contents being expired after a certain period of time.

Malcolm / Photographer

Downloading streaming contents as local video files to watch offline is always the most pleasant way of enjoying your favorite shows. While you are watching the downloaded videos, your computer is also downloading more episodes, which won't be possible if you choose to stream online.

Starry / Copywriter

Exactly the what I have been looking for as a U-NEXT video downloader. Downloading anime shows as 1080p MP4 videos to watch on any device at home is perfectly wonderful!

WiKi / Editor

How to use StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader?


Select the U-NEXT downloader

Double-click StreamFab and then select the U-NEXT platform by clicking the VIP Services tab from the left column.

launch u-next downloader

Play a video from U-NEXT

Sign in to the U-NEXT website using your subscription account, and play the movie/TV episode you want to download during which a window shall pop up.

play u-next videos

Start to download the video

Click on the Download Now button on that pop-up window to start downloading the video being played.

download u-next movies

System Requirements

  • - Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • - Intel i3 or above
  • - 4GB of RAM or above
  • - 40GB of free hard disk space or above
  • - Live Internet connection required

Fair Use Policy

  • StreamFab is legal only for personal needs and it's not allowed to share the downloaded content with any third party.
    A StreamFab licensed account has a quota of 50 downloads per day, and 350 downloads per week from each supported streaming service, which is to avoid being blocked by streaming providers. Whenever some of it is used up, it will refill during the next time cycle.